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IMPORTANT. If you plan to use our worksheets then Gemma or SquareWear need to have the code for our starter NeoPixel exercises loaded up on them before the student starts.

That is, when we (USED TO) run workshops, we load simple code that drives a red, blue, green flashing pattern on three NeoPixel LEDs. Creating that circuit with croc clips is always our first activity, followed by showing the students how they can change the code.

When you purchase Gemma or SquareWear from suppliers (as listed below), you need to upload or create the code yourself before your workshop. Just ask if you need help.

Adafruit Gemma Starter Kits

Several UK suppliers provide these, for example the following from Pimoroni, which was listed at just £25 inc VAT when we last looked (May 2014):

1 Adafruit Gemma
4 Adafruit NeoPixel
1 Coin Cell battery holder (2 cells)
(with JST connector and on/off switch)
Conductive thread
12 Croc clip ended leads
1 USB cable (A to mini B) etc

A kit like this will let you run a full Electronic Handbag style workshop for one student, or two working together. You have everything you need to complete the three worksheets downloadable from the Workshop 1 page except: some sewable snaps, a couple of strips of cloth, and a PC or Mac to run standard Arduino software on (free).

Everything is reusable for lots of further workshops, except batteries, and the thread. Both will last multiple sessions though.


Some suppliers of Adafruit kit in the UK (Gemma and/or NeoPixels)
1. Pimoroni shop.pimoroni.com
2. Phenoptix www.phenoptix.com
3. 4tronix www.4tronix.co.uk
4. Cool Components www.coolcomponents.co.uk
Note that SquareWear 2.0 can be purchased in the UK though Cool Components, who import it from RaysHobby.net in the USA. Cool Components are also very good for USB leads, crocodile clips etc.
1. Cool Components www.coolcomponents.co.uk